Representative Office Registration

To set up a foreign company representative office, the company needs to prepare the following documents.

No. Documents
1 Application form which should be signed by Chief Representative
2 Certificate of the foreign company which should has been set up above 2 years; Address certification of the foreign company
3 Article of association of the foreign company
4 Authorization letter for the person who has right to sign the documents on behalf of the foreign company
5 Appointment letters of the RO chief representative and other representative( if the company set other representative position). Chief representative and other representative individual certificate
6 certification for the foreign company’s bank standing
7 Resumes of the RO chief representative and other representatives( if the company set other representative position)
8 Office lease agreement and the certificate of the property, rent period should exceed 1 year
Please note that:
1. the above documents No.2 to No.6 should be notarized by domestic notary organization and be legalized by the domestic Embassy.
2. Please note that the signature can not be signed in ballpoint pen. All the signature should be signed in gal pen or ink pen.

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