EIT in China

EIT(Enterprise income tax) include resident enterprise income tax and Non-resident enterprise income tax. Here we introduce is resident enterprise income tax(enterprise establishes in China).



The standard EIT rate is 25%.


EIT rate 15% for High-tech enterprise.


EIT rate 20% for Small or medium sized enterprise (SME*)


Additional from 2019 to 2021, SME with an annual taxable income no more than one million yuan and between one million to three million yuan will be enjoyed preferential tax rate as below.


Taxable income                   Actual  rate

no more than 1M                           5%

1M-3M                                        10%


*Enterprise meets below requirements is SME in taxation perspective. 

1. Annual taxable income less than 3,000,000RMB.

2. Total assets less than 50,000,000RMB.

3. Number of employee less than 300.

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